Meet Our Team

 Marcus - Stringybark Supplies

Marcus Thompson - Owner/Founder

Previously a geologist, Marcus made the move from rocks to wood when he founded Stringybark Supplies in 2016.  Marcus saw the potential for timber products that maintain the unique raw bark edge of each piece. 

After cutting the first sample piece from the trunk of the Christmas tree, he immediately set to work on the challenge of producing a beautiful natural product that is eco-friendly by design, functional and entirely made in Australia.  We'd say he's come a long way from that first wood slice from the Christmas tree!

 Stringybark Supplies - Gabe

Gabe - Order management and packaging mastermind

When you place an order with Stringybark Supplies, Gabe sets everything in motion to  ensure you receive the right product, on time and in one piece (or as many pieces as it should be)!  Gabe is also the packaging mastermind and we have to say, playing Tetris with round pieces is not easy!

When not holding down the fort at Stringybark Supplies, Gabe is a multi-instrumentalist and plays in multiple bands!

 Stringybark Supplies - Ryan

Ryan - Printing maestro

With many years of printing experience under his belt, Ryan is Stringybark Supplies' printer knowledge base.  

When not making sure your prints come out perfectly, Ryan is running his own woodworking biz by the banks of the Yarra River in Warburton.