Our Process: From harvest to your door

We are not just a retailer - we make or are very closely involved in the production of our products (with a little help from nature).  All our wood slice products are made from trees grown in Australia.

Step 1.  Harvesting and Wood Collection

In most cases we harvest the trees ourselves.  We have access to a large selection of invasive pine trees that are growing in native bushland reserves and have been tasked with removing these to aid our native bushland.  The majority of our smaller wood slice products are produced from these trees.

Eco-friendly harvesting

Our other major source is of timber is from trees that have been felled for powerline clearing or that have come down in storms.  We also work closely with a local mill who source sustainable and local timber.

Bottom line is we never cut down trees unless there is a good reason for it.

Step 2.  Slicing

We make our small wood slice products (12 cm and smaller) in our workshop in Wesburn, Victoria, Australia.  The aim of our manufacturing process is to balance the natural and unique beauty of timber with a quality product.  We have invested in high quality machinery to produce the cleanest cuts and smoothest finishes whilst retaining the natural bark edge and unique shape of the timber.

Cutting wood slices

While our workshop specialises in the smaller wood slices, our larger wood slices are custom cut by our local milling partner who, with the advantage of heavy machinery, professional equipment and an awesome team of workers, provide us with the raw pieces.  We then carefully dry each piece (to reduce the chance of splitting) and do any finishing work in our workshop.

Step 3.  Printing (optional)

We often get asked – ‘how do you get the images on the wood!?’ Well, we print directly onto the timber using a very specialized printer and UV cured inks!  Once cured on the timber, the ink is very stable.  It can’t be peeled off,  and won’t smear or smudge if it gets wet!

Printing on wood

Step 4.  Packaging

When you purchase from Stringybark Supplies, you can be sure your product will be packaged with care because it is all done in house.  Our dedication to environmental sustainability extends to our choice of packaging materials - we seldom use plastic packaging, and if we do, it is typically upcycled. Instead, we utilize eco-friendly packing peanuts which are made in Australia from corn or wheat starch and are fully home compostable.

Packaged with care