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40 - 50 cm Thick Wood Slice (5 cm) - Large wood slices

40 - 50 cm Thick Wood Slice (5 cm)

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Very large and extra thick wood slices!  Perfect as super rustic cake stands or display pieces.

Please note many of these have a split in them like the one in the product photos.  Despite having been dried by us, they may still split further depending on climatic conditions.  They are very strong despite and splitting.


Wood type: Cypress pine (grown in Vic as windbreak trees for farms, these ones were cut down as they were too old and beginning to fall down).

Surface: Flat and level - unsanded and rough

Bark: 70 - 100% bark edge

Cracking:  Some have cracks/splits and may crack further with varying heat, humidity and time.   These are still super strong though so they won't break in half.

Warping:  No warping

Additional notes:  


The price indicated is for a single wood slice. If you wish to purchase more, please select the appropriate quantity from the drop-down box.


Diameter: 40 - 50 cm (16 - 20")

Thickness: 5 cm

Predominant shape: Round/oval