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15 Inch Red Cedar Wood Slice
15 Inch Red Cedar Wood Slice
15 Inch Red Cedar Wood Slice
15 Inch Red Cedar Wood Slice
15 Inch Red Cedar Wood Slice

15 Inch Red Cedar Wood Slice

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This is a large Japanese Cedar Wood Slice (tree age 75 years - we counted the growth rings). These pieces have an incredible red colour to the heartwood which contrasts beautifully with the outer pale wood and deep red/brown bark.

We have a total of 14 of these amazing pieces and we have given them a light sanding to bring out the colour and make them smoother. This is not a perfect sanding work, but enough to remove the rough bits. All pieces have at least 50% ring of bark- we sand the edge areas with no bark to match the top surface. The bottom surface is unsanded.

These are dried and none have split. It is always possible for wood slices like this to split in changing humidity/temperature, however it appears from our testing that these are as resilient as they come.

The price indicated is for a single wood slice. If you wish to purchase more, please select the appropriate quantity from the drop-down box.

• Diameter: Average between 14 and 17 inches (35 - 45 cm). They are mostly round, but not perfectly round.
• Thickness: 2 Inch (5 cm)

• Wood type: Japanese Red Cedar (cryptomeria japonica)
• These slices are flat and level
• Wood slices are a natural product - they will all be a unique shape - some have stubs of branches and minor cracks and splits and can split further over time.

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