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10” – 12" Red Cedar
10” – 12" Red Cedar
10” – 12" Red Cedar
10” – 12" Red Cedar
10” – 12" Red Cedar

10” – 12" Red Cedar

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Amazing Japanese Red Cedar wood slices. These pieces have an incredible red colour to the heartwood which contrasts beautifully with the outer pale wood and deep red/brown bark. Bark will cover a minimum of 80% of the rim.

These are dried and none have split. It is always possible for wood slices like this to split in changing humidity/temperature, however it appears from our testing that these are as resiliant as they come.

• Light: a moderately smooth surface which brings out the colour and wood grain, but sanding lines and slight rough patches are visible
• Fine: smooth to touch - only very minor sanding lines visible when viewed up close

The price indicated is for a single wood slice. If you wish to purchase more, please select the appropriate quantity from the drop-down box.

• Diameter: Average between 10 and 12 inches (25 - 30 cm). They are mostly round, but not perfectly round.
• Thickness: Approx 3/4 Inch (2 cm)

• Wood type: Japanese Red Cedar (cryptomeria japonica)
• These slices are flat and level
• Wood slices are a natural product - they will all be a unique shape - some have stubs of branches and minor cracks and splits and can split further over time.