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Large Oval Shaped Wood Slabs - Large Wood Slices
Large Oval Shaped Wood Slabs
Large Oval Shaped Wood Slabs
Large Oval Shaped Wood Slabs
Large Oval Shaped Wood Slabs
Large Oval Shaped Wood Slabs

Large Oval Shaped Wood Slabs

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Oval Shaped Wood Slices. These pieces are from oval shaped branches from Cypress Pine trees (they are naturally oval shaped, they are not cut to be ovals).

These pieces have been cut flat and even, but are not sanded. They have variable amounts of bark on the outside. Some may have cracks, and may crack further with varying heat, humidity and time. These are rustic and come as they are, many have dark patches and may have a soft core bit that may come adrift if it hasn't already to make a small hole (approx 1" diameter) (example in images).

The price indicated is for a single wood slice. If you wish to purchase more, please select the appropriate quantity from the drop-down box.

• Diameter: Please select from the drop-down menu
• Thickness: 2 cm (4/5")
• Shape: Oval

• Wood type: Cypress Pine
• These slices are cut reasonably flat and level, but have not been sanded or finished in any way.
• Many of these slices have small cracks and may crack further over time. This is quite normal for wood slices and adds to the rustic appearance.
• Although these pieces were cut level, some have a small amount of warping during the drying period. They will sit nice and level when placed concave side down, but may rock a little if placed convex side down.
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