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32 - 40 cm Wood Slices (2 cm thick) - SECONDS - Large wood slices

32 - 40 cm Wood Slices (2 cm thick) - SECONDS

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Seconds pieces are frequently missing large bits of bark, may have splits/cracks, discolouration, side branch stubs or small chunks of wood missing.  In this case a few of them are cut to 3 cm thick instead of 2 cm.

All up they are still amazing pieces of timber that will look great as part of a rustic display


Wood type: Cypress pine (grown in Vic as windbreak trees for farms, these ones were cut down as they were too old and beginning to fall down).

Surface: Flat and level - unsanded and rough

Bark: 0 - 80% bark edge

Cracking:  Some have small cracks/splits and may crack further with varying heat, humidity and time.

Warping: Little to no warping

Additional notes:  


The price indicated is for a single wood slice. If you wish to purchase more, please select the appropriate quantity from the drop-down box.


Diameter: 13 - 16"/32 - 40 cm

Thickness: Most 2 cm, some 3 cm

Predominant shape: Round/slightly oval