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Large thin wood slices (5 pack)
Large thin wood slices (5 pack)
Large thin wood slices (5 pack)
Large thin wood slices (5 pack)

Large thin wood slices (5 pack)

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This is a new listing for a set of 5 ultra thin wood slices. These pieces are about 23 cm (9 Inches) in diameter but only 5 mm (3/16 Inch) thick.

As they are so thin, they are reasonably fragile compared with our thicker wood slices.

What are they good for?
These are great for creating rustic wall art - as they are quite large they can have quite an effect whilst also being light and easy to hang.  They cover a large area quickly.
Painting - These are a great rustic surface for painting. Note that the surface is quite rough, so are most suited to thick application of vibrant paints.

The price indicated is for a set of 5 wood slices.

• Diameter: Vary between about 8 and 10 inches (20 - 25 cm). They are mostly round to slightly oval in shape.
• Thickness: Approx 3/16 Inch (0.5 cm)

• Wood type: Cypress Pine
• These slices are cut flat and level on professional milling equipment, but have not been sanded or finished in any way.
• Many of these slices have small cracks and may crack further over time. This is quite normal for wood slices and adds to the rustic appearance.

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