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Custom Branded Coasters (100 pack)
Custom Branded Coasters (100 pack)
Custom Wood Slice Coaster Custom Coasters Business Logo Coasters Personalized Coaster Wood Slice Coasters For Wedding Tree Slice Coasters
Custom Branded Coasters (100 pack)
Custom Branded Coasters (100 pack)
Custom Branded Coasters (100 pack)

Custom Branded Coasters (100 pack)

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Personalise our high quality wood slice coasters with your own company logo.

Custom branded coasters with your business logo make great giveaways for clients and customers and office gifts for employees. They are perfect for increasing your brand awareness at corporate dinner events, trade shows, and meetings. As a gift, these coasters make a long-lasting impression.

• Diameter: 8 – 10 cm (3 – 4”)
• Thickness: 10 mm (3/8”)


  1. Please email us your logo or design to sales(at)stringybarksupplies.com
  2. Purchase quantity required.
  3. We will print your logo

On request we will happily send you a digital proof of the design or a photo of the first piece printed prior to printing the remainder (we will provide a full refund if you are not happy with how it looks).


Almost all logos come out well on wood.  The exceptions are logos with very pale colours, particularly browns that can get lost in the wood grain.  If you are unsure, please email us your logo to sales(at)stringybarksupplies.com and we can let you know if it will come out well or not.  We may do a test print if unsure.  We will of course provide a full refund if the result is not going to be satisfactory.


Stringybark Supplies’ specialty is without a doubt, wood slices.  We print your design directly to our wood slices using a UV cured ink which does not smear, break down or chip off.  All pieces are also coated with a water-resistant sealer to ensure they remain looking amazing for many years to come.

Being a natural product, each piece is unique, so you can expect some variation in the appearance and shape of the wood slices.  We do ensure that each piece has a complete ring of bark, is not split or cracked and is suitable for its purpose.